Before the Black Tower

She’d give her life for her people. But first, she must bury her heart.
The moment Zera learned about her mission to collect the energy cells needed to save her people, all she wanted was to do her part — andfinallyearn her father’s respect.
Until her father set a deadline.
She must return with the energy cells by her twenty-first birthday, or he will shut down life support to the lower levels of their biospheric city, sacrificing the many to save the few.
Already on her quest, Zera has discovered the outside world isn’t the nuclear wasteland she thought, but rather, a place of revolutionary change, spiritual connection and physical awakening.
And it is there that she surrenders to a love that can only lead to heartbreak.
Now, she stands on a canal boat headed for an ancient city on the far side of her father’s kingdom, where a black tower stands. That tower holds the only hope for her people, but what lies within is far more deadly than Zera ever imagined.
Lives will be lost, and Zera discovers she may have to sacrifice her heart and her freedom to save her people.
Note, as part of an epic series, this story ends with a cliff-hanger.