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Wow! Last week was a crazy one with the release of Perfect Pitch. The launch was spectacular and my new ARC Team really stepped up to the plate [cliché intended :-)] with their wonderful reviews.If you haven’t check out the book and its reviews on Amazon please do!

Here’s the link.

What I’ve been reading…

I recently joined Kylie Key’s ARC Team because I really enjoyed her books and had the pleasure of reading and reviewed her new release, The Lies We Tell.

I loved the story. Here’s my posted review…

When I started reading The Lies We Tell, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the main character, Trieste. But within a few pages, I was hooked and read the book in one sitting. Trieste’s spoiled rich-girl exterior hides a long list of insecurities that echo through the story. But in reality, Trieste is a compassionate, talented and intelligent young woman.
The Lies We Tell is knitted tightly with the rest of the books in the series, which tell the love stories of Trieste’s inner circle of high school friends. At times, I found the crossover stories—though interesting—a little distracting from the main plot.
Trieste became a character I was really rooting for, by the end, but I wish I’d had opportunity to get to know the real Felix once the truth was out about him. Overall, this is a sweet love story, with a fun set of characters and an interesting plot. I highly recommend it.
If you love contemporary romance novels, check this one out…
What’s HOT…

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Sex Beast and Warrior Women – Love the title of this promo. I immediately thought of Idris when I read it! 🙂

Kindle Unlimited Paranormal Romance – If you’re subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you’ll want to check this promo out. You’ll find Perfect Pitch listed here too. Yay!

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