Silken Scales

Silken Scales

Idris Williams has perfect pitch… the ability to recognize notes and play them back perfectly by ear.

With his musical talent, confidence and great looks, he was practically born to be a rock star. There’s just one problem. His overbearing father is determined to control his destiny and music isn’t on the agenda. For Idris, there doesn’t seem to be a way out…
— Until he morphs into a monster.

Cadi Rhoswen has finally found a safe and loving home…

Then a malicious high school jock turns her whole world upside down. The next thing she knows, she’s wandering the streets in the middle of winter. Alone.
— Until she finds a beastly boy hiding out in an abandoned nightclub called the Thorny Rose.
To change Idris back into his sexy human self, Cadi must reveal a secret she’s been holding close to her heart for as long as she can remember. A secret that will pit them against a deadly army and change their lives…  forever.

Silken Scales is a modern day Beauty and the Beast retelling and the first novel of the Chameleon Effect series. Young Adult and New Adult readers who love romance with a paranormal twist are sure to love Silken Scales.

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