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Siren Song received a great review on Reedsy Discovery today. Please check out the review and consider “upvoting” to support the novel.

“Siren Song is a beautifully written follow-up story to the second installment within The Chameleon Effect series… a gripping story, filled with creativity, originality and fascinating characters. This story is one that will grab the reader from the beginning and lure them further into a depth of adventure and magic…” read more.



Thank you so much for supporting Idris, Cadi and all the characters from the Chameleon Effect series!

Happy reading…

2 thoughts on “Siren Song Featured Review”

  1. Rhonda Langston

    Hello Alex Hayes,
    I have enjoyed this series. I’m an avid reader and really liked the unique storyline of this series. I have read all 4 books but was wondering if the series would continue. I would love to read about the other pairs being found along with updates on previous characters. Will there be more books in this series to come?

    1. Hi Rhonda,
      Thank you so much for reading and enjoying the Chameleon Effect series. Currently, there are five books. I’m not sure which four you’ve read, but there’s The Golden Thread and Steel Strings, in addition to Books 1 thru 3. And, yes! I am absolutely going to continue the series. I have three additional books planned. I hope to get the first of those (Book 4) out this year. I’ve been towed under by a new series, The Firebird’s Gift. I’m hoping to get the first three books of that series (starting with Beyond the Red Forest) out this year, plus a prequel. Thanks again for your enthusiasm. It’s lovely to hear.


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