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Steel Strings

Book Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G.) Medallion Award Winner
Wishing Shelf Awards Red Ribbon Winner
A world-changing project. An evil sister. And a hot guy who might break more than just her heart…
Brianna Jones dreams of bringing music to the world via orchestral instruments fashioned out of recycled materials. But she must keep her project secret from her half sister, whose mission in life is to destroy everything Brianna holds dear. 
Marek Lakewood is one of the few guys who sees Brianna for whom she really is and has admired her from afar for years. But he’s never been a risk-taker, not since his father was killed on a black diamond ski slope.
When a physics project lands Marek in Brianna’s sphere, he finds himself taking bigger and bigger risks, and discovers Brianna’s life and aspirations are far more complicated than he ever imagined.
Steel Strings is a stand-alone contemporary romance and companion novel to the Chameleon Effect series.


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