The Firebird's Gift

Readers of Ann Aguirre, Sarah Maas, Veronica Roth and Kass Morgan will love this tale.
Royal blood is the key. And Zera’s is on the line.
Disposable in the eyes of her father, Zera must undertake a mission to unlock a tower on the other side of their poisoned kingdom and collect two urgently needed energy cells.
Zera’s only value is that of a biological “key.” Until her father gives her a life or death deadline. She must return before her twenty-first birthday, or he’ll shut down life support to the lower levels of the city, threatening thousands, including friends she can’t bear to lose.
Master Nikolai doesn’t relish teaching Zera self-defense, but her bodyguard, Wills, and best friend, Clara, treat her like she’s made of glass. Unlike them, Nik will be relentless because he has skin in this game and plans of his own.
A disastrous start to the mission and the appearance of Nik and Clara leave Zera wondering who she can trust.
When her hatred for the man who abused her on the training floor turns to passion, Zera must blaze new trails through the dangerous world beyond the Red Forest, a land fraught with love, friendship and betrayal.
Note, as the first in an epic series, this book ends with a cliff-hanger.
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She’d give her life for her people. But first, she must bury her heart.
The moment Zera learned about her mission to collect the energy cells needed to save her people, all she wanted was to do her part — andfinallyearn her father’s respect.
Until her father set a deadline.
She must return with the energy cells by her twenty-first birthday, or he will shut down life support to the lower levels of their biospheric city, sacrificing the many to save the few.
Already on her quest, Zera has discovered the outside world isn’t the nuclear wasteland she thought, but rather, a place of revolutionary change, spiritual connection and physical awakening.
And it is there that she surrenders to a love that can only lead to heartbreak.
Now, she stands on a canal boat headed for an ancient city on the far side of her father’s kingdom, where a black tower stands. That tower holds the only hope for her people, but what lies within is far more deadly than Zera ever imagined.
Lives will be lost, and Zera discovers she may have to sacrifice her heart and her freedom to save her people.
Note, as part of an epic series, this story ends with a cliff-hanger.


Behind the White City:
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An idiot prince on a suicide mission.
What makes her think she can keep him alive?
After a wild boar nearly kills him, Max wakes to find his savior is an unsophisticated woman living alone in the forests of his father’s poisoned kingdom.
The girl tells him to rest, but Max won’t listen. He’s hellbent on completing his urgent mission to the old city and proving his worth to the king.
Artis doesn’t know what to make of the hot-headed man who spent three nights in her bed. He’s rude and impatient. And he doesn’t want her help.
But she knows he won’t survive without it.
She is Prisoner Zero. And she’s making her escape.
A lost security badge in hand, Prisoner Zero seizes her chance to escape through the hidden corridors that sprawl the City of Reflections. While dodging capture, she falls under the spell of the most tantalizing music she’s ever heard.
Like a child seduced by the Pied Piper, she follows the delicate strains of a violin, in search of its mysterious owner. But the music draws her down to the most dangerous region of the city and into the sphere of those with the power to change her destiny.
Will she resist the magical lure of the violinist? Or will she find herself held captive forever?